Why would a mask have fiber glass in it?

Dear Friends,

To start, Oliberte does NOT have any fiber glass in our masks. 

It has been reported that some raw material suppliers for mask manufactures are supplementing fiber glass instead of polypropylene in the production of their non-woven spunbound and meltblown material. 

Face masks, especially medical grade, are typically made of a 3-4 layers of spunbound material on the outer layers and meltblown in the middle layer. Meltblown acts as the main filter against bacteria and particles (dust). 

If fiber glass is being used by suppliers, it is because it is a cheaper substitute and looks similar to polypropylene, the main ingredient used in meltblown and spunbound.  It is also hard to tell the difference to the naked eye. But make no mistake, fiber glass is not a safe option for use in masks and the safety of the people wearing and breathing through them. 

The news has come about due to long-term contractors signed by buying groups, companies and governments that has put pressure on suppliers (mostly in Asia) to find ways to meet pricing and delivery requirements while actual raw material prices remain high. Please note that all of Oliberte’s masks use materials sourced from within Canada and the USA.

Our suppliers have all confirmed that there is NO fiber glass in the raw materials we source for the masks that we make here in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. I feel that part of being a medical mask supplier is providing you the necessary information to support you and your family, at work and at home.

Wearing a mask can be uncomfortable, costly, and just a pain – but it should never be unsafe.

Oliberte continues to focus on quality materials, made safely, made right, made for you. It may not mean we are always the cheapest, but you can always know and trust the material and quality of our masks.

That is my commitment to you. 



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