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Debuting in October 2013, Oliberté profiles successful African athletes representing their countries and sports globally. The athletes document their daily lives, tell their stories, and invite Oliberté fans along on the pursuit of their passion. In exchange, Oliberté contributes 10% of sales during their profile to their ambitions. Athletes include Kwame Nkrumah-Acheampong (nicknamed ‘Snow Leopard’), Sifiso Nhlapso, Eric Moussambani, and several more to be announced. Check out the program here.

Follow the athletes’ regular updates throughout the program at sportanya.tumblr.com.


At Oliberté, we believe that the only way to continually bring pride and prosperity in Africa and globally is if it is a joint effort by several persons, brands and partners. “Ambassadors” features subjects who are directly or indirectly working with non-profit or social good organizations or those who exemplify a passion for Africa and its citizens. See our ambassadors here and check back regularly for new debuts here.

We also believe that supporting these movements in any way means that you are an ambassador as well. Oliberté fans are invited to submit their own style and story to potentially be featured as an Oliberté ambassador! Learn more here.


Launched in July of 2012, Oliberté partners with some of the best new global artists to bring exclusive behind the scenes videos, Oliberté style, a free song download, and insight into why these artists are excited to partner with our story to support a proud Africa and sustainable change. Check it out here.